For many years I have been on the mailing lists of top New York publishing houses to receive books that deal with Southern life or its people.

So a bunch of us were sitting in a pub in Dublin, chatting one another up over pints of Guinness the other day — or maybe we were in a hotel lobby having Diet Cokes — the days run together — and talk turned to experiences — recent experiences — that are now lost in time.


There is a spot on I-20 East in Atlanta where the exit for I-85 and I-75 is located. That spot – THAT spot – has been the scene of some of our more heated disagreements.

A survey was once conducted over the country in which two questions were asked. First, are you worried about anything? Second, if so, what?

In a couple of weeks, along with numerous others, she will reach the monumental milestone of becoming a high school graduate.

A common refrain of Mama’s, particularly during my high school and college years, was, “Don’t get above your raisin’, little girl.”

One of Mama’s constraint refrains was, “None of y’uns realize how much I do for this family. When I’m gone, y’all will all realize it.”

In his most famous dialogue, "The Republic," Plato, via Socrates, explored the idea that a just state would best function under the leadership of a perfectly just philosopher-king.

It may be a truism-in-the-making that one’s political career is over when, as a candidate, you must first apologize for your sex and race, which can mean only one thing: Young or old, you’re a white guy.

It ruins health. It demolishes peace at home. It leads to violence. It prompts open crime. It turns love into hatred.


I spent the last two weeks of February in Africa. In Tanzania we visited Tangire National Park as well the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, and for good measure we went to Nairobi, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia and made a brief stop in Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa was the fifth continent for my tour company in less than six years of existence. and we have made it to all 50 states and now 40 countries so far.


What Sean Davis, co-founder of the web magazine The Federalist, wrote in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal sums up the disgust many Americans are feeling about the way big media handled the Russia collusion story: “It wasn’t merely an error here or there. America’s blue-chip journalists botched the entire story, from its birth during the presidential campaign to its final breath Sunday — and they never stopped congratulating themselves for it.”

It must be a grown-up thing, but every time I see Beto O’Rourke, I want to fix him a hamburger. He’s precious.

One of the rotten fruits produced by what passes for today’s American education system is the ignorance some young people have about socialism.

Needless to say, Jesus’ legacy reflects his life. It was and is a legacy of love, and it cost him his life.

It is important that we people of faith be clear that human tragedy is not the will of God.

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) comment that the influence of the Israeli lobby in Washington pushes lawmakers to take a pledge of “allegiance to a foreign country” was bad enough.


I am glad I was in Africa while my brothers and sisters in the once united Methodist Church were cutting one another to shreds at the recent general conference in St. Louis. I am glad that I only caught glimpses of the terrible things that people representing Jesus Christ were saying about one another in the name of love and unity.

When I was growing up in the rural South, things were simple. Life was enjoyable and, though we didn’t know it then, we savored those days.


I will readily admit that until a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have known Jusse Smollette if he jumped up and “bit me on the buttocks” — to quote Forrest Gump. He and I don’t travel in the same circles, and I had never seen any of his film work or heard any of his music.

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