Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) comment that the influence of the Israeli lobby in Washington pushes lawmakers to take a pledge of “allegiance to a foreign country” was bad enough.

Each time an end-of-the-world prophecy is delivered — whether by a self-deluded preacher, a group of politicians or scientists — we are told that we must believe. Never mind how many of their prophecies have been wrong in the past, this time they mean it.

The specific concerns of many residents of unincorporated Henry County, living within the Eagles Landing Country Club community, have been missing from past media coverage and public discussions on the city of Eagles Landing referendum.

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Wow, we went from no drama to all drama in the blink of an eye. An embattled President Trump spent the weekend raging in frustration at his inability to control events — and his administration is just in its second month. How will he make it through a year? Let alone four?

It matters that the crowd for the Women’s March on Washington was far bigger than that for President Trump’s inauguration. The new president often boasts of having started a great movement. Let it be the one that was born with Saturday’s massive protests.

The consensus in Israel is that the relationship between the Jewish state and the United States is going to improve in a Trump administration, says former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., Zalman Shoval.

Writers and filmmakers have long been creating accounts of various dystopian futures. These days, people can be forgiven if they feel that those fictional futures have crossed over to reality, a depressing case of life imitating art.

The Big Game is approaching and for many of us this will be the ultimate test of our New Year’s resolutions to eat better. Americans throw more parties on Super Bowl Sunday than they do on New Year’s Eve and it is the second biggest food consumption day of the year — just after Thanksgiving.

Residents should be proud of these counties and their offerings, and support them through donations or other contributions. It’s common to hear about these organizations during the holidays. Henry and Clayton residents give generously, especially to children, and we applaud that generosity.

(Editor's note: Readers are warned that this column contains one instance of the full use of the so-called "n" word. If this offends you, don't read this column or allow your children access to it. This column is also running on our website. If it does offend you, tell us why.)

Mental Health in the African American Community, headquartered in Stockbridge, will host its first Mental Health Fair Saturday, July 12, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Club E located at 3707 Main Street in College Park.

For anyone not registered to vote in the 2014 primary election, it is too late now.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp is reminding Georgia residents they must be registered to vote by April 21 in order to participate in the May 20 Primary Election.

The Henry County Relay For Life will be held at Union Grove High School, Friday May 2 beginning at 7 p.m.

This week the Georgia House of Representatives Judiciary Committee considered a few pieces of legislation that could affect residents in very real ways.

The forming of a task force to look at everything that went wrong in the winter weather event that crippled metro Atlanta is a step in the right direction.

On Tuesday, Jan. 7, the Hampton City Council held its first workshop of the year at 6 p.m. It was followed by its first official organizational meeting at 7 p.m.

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